Gliding through Leiden’s canals offers you an opportunity to fully enjoy this historic and vibrant city. Have you ever experienced something like this before? This could be an excellent addition to your visit to Leiden. You will traverse the city in a very relaxing way, while I share my stories about its history.

I can also arrange for a combination of a walk and a boat ride through the canals.

Through my longstanding collaboration with a local boating company, ‘’, I can advise and help you with the arrangement of a boat that fits the size of your party. I can pick you up at your preferred location in the city and guide you to place where the boat is moored.

If you have your own boat in the city then I would be happy to come on board and guide you through the canals, while I tell you about what living in Leiden was like in the past and today.

If you are looking for more adventure, I can also arrange a tour with a kayak or canoe, and even ‘supping’ (stand-up paddling) is an option.

in consultation

Depending on duration

1 - 1,5 hours

A boat tour through the canals of Leiden

Through my longstanding collaboration with a local boating company, ‘’, I can advise and help you with the arrangement of a boat that fits the size of your party. For larger parties I can arrange the rental of a private boat with a skipper while I join you on board.

Contact me if you would like a boat tour which is entirely tailored to your needs and preferences. Your-guide-in-Leiden can advise you on details such as the route and duration, the places where you would like to embark/disembark, and whether you would like to have catering on board.

This way, we can plan for a canal tour that will be a special experience.

Depending on boat

Depending on duration

1 or 1,5 hours

Navigating the canals with your own boat and a guide on board.

Would you like to hear more about Leiden’s beautiful center as you navigate the canals yourself?

Contact me and invite Your-Guide-in-Leiden on board to share stories about the history of the city and its inhabitants.

Depending on boat

Depending on duration

1- 1,5 hours

Renting a boat for a smaller parties

If you party does not exceed 7 people, I can also help to arrange the rental of an ‘e-boat’ on which I can be both the skipper and guide. This offers maximum flexibility to navigate the canal system and discover the center of Leiden.

Contact me if you would like to consider this option and Your-Guide-in-Leiden can tailor this entirely to your needs and preferences and, if you wish, also combine this boat ride with a walking tour.

max 7

€ 95,00 rental electric boat

2 hours

Canoeing or ‘supping’ in Leiden and its surroundings

Are you interested in an active and adventurous experience in the city of Leiden? Or would you like to know about opportunities to go on a canoe/kayak or stand-up paddle (sup) tour outside Leiden?

With my canoeing experience in Leiden and its surrounding areas, I can arrange for a special combination of culture, sport, and nature.

Supping through Leiden? Why not? Contact me and I am happy to address any questions about these adventurous options.


Depending on duration

in consultation

On a Bicycle

On foot

Vicinity of Leiden

For many years, I have been active as a freelance guide. My adventure started as a professional travel guide on country and city tours throughout Europe. Eventually, I settled again in my native area of Leiden, the City of Discoveries.

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